This month is the first month in our new town Port Owen. The Bethulie studio sold and we had to find a new one quickly!

Munro’s new studio overlooks the Berg river, and the beautiful view inspired his first painting for October:

 “to water the garden”

SONY DSCM11997 57 x 150 x 5 cm sold


And here is the real view…


The realistic reference gives “to water the garden” a “traditional art” feel. Personally, I love it…but not more than his contemporary works! In stark contradiction with the previous one, is this minimalist, clean-styled landscape,

“measured them with a line”

SONY DSCM11998  120 x 120 x 5 cm 36,000


Gotta love the colours of

 “tilled and sown”

SONY DSCM11999 120 x 120 x 5 cm 36,000


Then suddenly, here it was: number M12000!

From the Munro Facebook page- a milestone:

Munro’s 12,000th painting!!

Munro’s prolific career started in 1998. His beautiful trendsetting works are as always colourful, joyful and vibrant. Please like our page!
“as a dog laps”
M12000 120 x 120 x 5 cm 36,000


  • Susan Kemp Artist “Munro – getting more and more interesting by the day” is what a fellow artist had to say about
    “dug and drunk strange waters”

SONY DSCM12001 120 x 120 x 5 cm 36,000


Interesting..? Maybe. How about these three 2.2 meter long landscapes?

The very bold

“blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen”

SONY DSCM12002  70 x 220 x 5 cm 40,000


the quiet, almost serene

“stretch her wings toward the south”

SONY DSCM12003 70 x 220 x 5 cm 40,000


and an absolute favourite of mine,

“bare the quiver”

SONY DSCM12004  70 x 220 x 5 cm 40,000


SONY DSCM12007 51 x 41 x 3,7 cm sold


“nest in a rock”

SONY DSCM12008 30 x 30 x 2,5 cm sold


“willows of the brook”

SONY DSCM12009 41 x 51 x 3,7 cm sold



SONY DSCM12010 28 x 36 x 3,7 cm sold


“foundations of the world”

SONY DSCM12013 51 x 41 x 3,7 cm sold


“she hath hewn out her seven pillars”

SONY DSCM12018 30 x 30 x 2,5 cm 4,250 sold


SONY DSCM12019 30 x 30 x 2,5 cm 4,250


and the last one…

“the scripture might be fulfilled”


M12015 122 x 76 x 3,7 cm 23,250 sold


Thank you for enjoying Munro’s art with me. We value all input, so please feel free to comment.

All these paintings are available directly from us until the 20th of November, after which they will be sold to galleries. The above prices include door-to-door courier services within South Africa. On international sales of R15,000 or more, free delivery is also included.